• Environmentally Minded

    Another of our many services is being responsible when it comes to electronic waste.

    GreenTree Technology can assist you in disposing of your old electronic equipment properly. We can help dispose of your old computers, printers, monitors, TVs, and cell phones.

GreenTree Technology is a professional business consultant company
We provide best quality computer & networking services for your businees

Technical Support

GreenTree Technology Group was developed to provide a service to the general public or businesses that have a need for qualified technicians to manage, install, and maintain personal computers and complete network systems.

Web Design

We have web site experts provide Web Design & Hosting Services. Our target market is small and medium sized businesses or a family website, and our mission is to help you develop and design your business identity and branding.

Digital Photography

Digital photography is the art and science of producing and manipulating digital photographs photographs that are represented as bit maps. Digital photographs can be produced in a number of ways.